Centinela Industrial Park

A Rage of Possibilities

Labor and Education

Highly skilled labor, unbeatable value

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Very few cities in the world can match the skill level for cost ratio of Mexicali’s 1.2 million people. Among adults, 20% are college educated, and many at all levels have direct work experience in technology industries. The price for that talent is a bargain: skilled laborers average $2.50/hour, compared to $25/hour for comparable positions north of the border.

Mexicali's median wage for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled operators are also below that of other border cities such as Tijuana, Nogales and Hermosillo. Mexicali's average salary for qualified technology engineers is $25,000/year, compared to $75,000+/year in the U.S. As a nation, Mexico produces over 75,000 new engineers each year.

Educated Students, Eager to Work

Centinela Industrial Park’s demand for skilled professionals is fed by a unique and highly effective collaboration between industry and higher education for work force development. Over 27,000 Mexicali students are at the college level and more than 3,500 graduate annually from high quality educational institutions including:

  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC): An eight-campus technology university headquartered in Mexicali. The university educates about 50,000 students, with 16 percent comprising of engineers. In the near future, Centinela Industrial Park may partner with the university to open an engineering campus onsite.
  • CETYS Universidad: A private locally-established university with strong engineering and business programs including specialties in computer science, cybemetic electronics and industrial, mechanical and mechatronics engineering.
  • Technological Institute of Mexicali: A Federal university focused on technology and engineering
  • Universidad del Valle de México (UVM): A top private university with a nationwide presence. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of medicine, engineering, business, and law, among others.
  • Polytechnic Institute of Baja California: A member of nationwide network of polytechnics which focus on engineering programs.
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Mexicali (ITM): A federal university offering bachelors, masters and PhD programs.

Among adults, 20% are college educated - many have direct work experience in manufacturing industries

Scholarship assistance is offered from the government to support personnel training on the start of the new company/process, as well as ongoing on-the-job training for established organizations.

Another neighboring educational site within proximity to Mexicali is University of California/San Diego (UCSD), recognized as one of the top 10 public universities by U.S. News and World Report. UCSD offers more than 100 undergraduate majors in six disciplinary areas with Engineering representing one of the top three programs.