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We know that world class manufacturing requires not only plentiful and dependable electricity, but generation redundancy to mitigate the risk of blackouts. That’s why we chose a location with two separate gas-fired power facilities and a geothermal electrical plant within close proximity. These plants all feed into one electrical substation bordering Centinela Industrial Park, and a high-speed “loop” distribution system assures that your operation will always have at least two paths to clean power.

CFE results:

  • Provision of 150 MW of high tension power with rates approximately 11 cents per kWh for high tension users
  • 36 MW of expandable medium tension power
  • Capabilities to bring power in less than 180 days

In addition to the above, park tenants could potentially have access to several sources of power in either medium or high tension (InterGen, Imperial Irrigation District, Sempra Energy).

Whatever your power needs might be Centinela Industrial Park has the flexibility to meet them now and can accommodate your future growth.

Voice and telecommunications:

For fiber optics, Telnor will provide fiber to the site, capable of speeds from 10 mbps to 1 gbps, for either internet access links or point-to-point data to any destination.  For voice, Telnor can meet the requirements of E1 digital trunks, with modular 30 channel capacity. Discussions are ongoing with additional service providers.

Natural gas:

Natural gas is available from Ecogas, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy. Ecogas can provide a 250 mm line capable of providing 1 cubic meter service, and additional service for high volume users is available from a 42-inch Sempra gas high pressure line adjacent to our site.


Flexibility to bring different power suppliers tailored to your manufacturing needs

Access to several sources of power